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Ride Tribe 

Ride Tribe is an indoor cycling workout that features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting, strength training and rhythm-based choreography. Our charismatic instructors elevate classes from physical experiences to epic mind-body journeys. Every ride at Ride Tribe is a full body, fat-burning workout that incorporates interval training designed to produce real results.

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Beat Box sessions combine boxing and functional fitness training. It is a high-intensity, stress releasing, cardio and strength workout designed to train the body and mind. Boxing uses a power-to-weight ratio that produces lean muscle and improves overall body composition while the functional training helps increase your overall strength and mobility. With powerful music playlists curated by our trainers, you’ll find yourself enjoying the extra benefits of moving to the BEAT!



Street is a CrossFit box taken to the next level with elitist strength and conditioning programming. The workouts consist of a combination of Olympic weightlifting, Muay Thai, gymnastics and timed events to create highly competitive workouts that activate your whole body and build muscles that you use in everyday life.

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Encore Pilates

Encore Pilates is a Reformer Pilates studio that helps clients build stronger, longer, healthier bodies. Encore is the first studio of its kind in Qatar, offering a unique blend of group fitness classes and personal training designed around the core principles of Pilates which provide safe, highly effective class options for all fitness levels. Improve your core, your focus, your cardio capacity, your balance, your endurance, improve the way you move, the way you feel, the way you look, be prepared to move and react in any situation, be prepared to always give your best, and then a little bit more, be prepared for your Encore!

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Raise the Barre

Raise the Barre offers an effective total body workout that focuses on low-impact, high intensity movements which sculpt and tone the muscles to improve strength, endurance and flexibility for every body. Our barre workouts are a blend of Pilates, dance-inspired cardio, strength and conditioning exercises, and stretches. This combination targets all major muscle groups and aims to sculpt the body proportionately to end up with a lean physique. No dance background is required. No matter your age, body type, or fitness ability, we offer a variety of classes to help you reach your goals and keep your body feeling challenged.

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